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Customs Broker

PRIME SCM provide air/sea/rail service from China to EMEA, US, CA, Intra Asia and South Asia.

Prime SCM Customs Broker

Prime SCM Customs broker has class A qualification of customs declaration issued by the General Administration of Customs and is mainly engaged in all kinds of customs services at ports under the jurisdiction of Shanghai and Nanjing Customs.


Prime SCM was registered with the customs in early 2022. It has the A-class customs declaration qualification issued by the General Administration of Customs. It is mainly engaged in trade agency, shipping booking, customs clearance, bonded, warehousing, transportation and other systems at various ports within the jurisdiction of Changzhou Customs.



Import and export customs clearance

Manual of processing trade

Temporary importation and exportation

Tax exemption certificate

Duty drawback

National customs rulings



Own customs brokers

Professional customs declaration staff

Freely communicate in the customs department

Closely connected with freight forwarders, track the cargos in time, and greatly improve the customs clearance time

Bonded logistics transportation

Bonded logistics transportation

Bonded logistics refers to engaging in warehousing, distribution, transportation, circulation processing, loading and unloading, logistics information, scheme design and other related businesses within the customs supervision area, including bonded zones, bonded warehouses, customs supervision warehouses, etc. Enterprises enjoy the "domestic customs" system implemented by the customs and other special policies on taxation, foreign exchange and customs clearance.

1. Bonded storage: goods entering the bonded warehouse link and storage period, no import duties, free of approval documents, not subject to quota restrictions;

2. Simple processing: the goods can be packaged, sorted, labeled, changed, split, assembled and other negotiable processing in the bonded warehouse;

3. Transit trade: imported goods stored in the bonded area can be simply processed, that is, re-exported to other destination countries and regions;

4. Enterprises of different nature can use the function of bonded warehouse to expand their business and speed up the return of funds.

Professional broker team

Class A Declaration qualification

Broker service for special cases

Professional consultant service for both import & export regulations of China customs