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Air & Sea

PRIME SCM provide air/sea/rail service from China to EMEA, US, CA, Intra Asia and South Asia.

International Freight Forwarding

PRIME SCM serviced air/sea/rail lanes from China to Japan, Korea and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, India and Pakistan, the Middle East Red Sea, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Mediterranean, North America, South America, Africa and other places.
Ocean FCL/LCL both export&import

Ocean FCL/LCL both export&import

1.Ocean FCL both export&import

Provide global coverage of international freight forwarding FCL business, including door to door service and other overseas extension services; All trade cooperation services including import and export, return, bond, customs transfer and insurance agency services.

We offer a wide range of modern containers, including dry cargo containers, temperature-controlled refrigerated containers and special purpose containers. Our team can advise you on the right shipping container so you can ship your cargo safely and efficiently.

2.Ocean LCL both export&import

Provide comprehensive services such as sea freight consolidation, customs declaration, inspection, logistics, warehousing, transportation, etc. Undertake various LCL businesses such as general cargo, overlong,overweight, dangerous goods, and hanging boxes, strictly implement SOP operations, monitor the loading site in real-time, issue bills of lading within 24 hours after loading, and provide destination port inquiry services.

Service advantages

Global coverage: The distribution of advantageous routes is comprehensive, covering over 200 ports worldwide;

Advantage routes:American route;Latin America, North America, Brazil routes;India Pakistan Red Sea Line;European Mediterranean Route

Intelligent LCL: Select suitable LCL solutions to provide fast, convenient, and intelligent logistics services;

Advanced equipment: ground operation first, professional customs clearance assistance;

Senior team: We can provide you with multiple services such as door-to-door and customs clearance.

Rail FCL both export&import for EU

Rail FCL both export&import for EU

1. We can provide comprehensive services throughout the entire chain, including railway full container, LCL, European combined transportation, container rental, cross-border e-commerce booking, warehousing, customs declaration, overseas warehousing, and last mile delivery;

2. Goods can be picked up from all over the country, covering multiple domestic sites such as Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, etc;

3. Direct access to major European stations such as MALA/HAMBURG/DURISBURG, and later through combined transportation to multiple European destinations such as MILAN/BUDAPEST/VIENNA.

Service advantages

Cheaper than air freight: The price is one-third that of air freight, greatly saving enterprise costs.

Faster than sea freight: The speed is twice that of sea freight, and it takes 15-18 days to arrive at the station, accelerating the recovery of enterprise funds, suitable for products with high time requirements.

Tailored logistics plan: Just provide goods information and requirements, and we can customize the fastest and most suitable transportation plan for you.

Air freight both export&import

Air freight both export&import

PRIME has signed long-term Block Space Agreements and close cooperative relationships with top Asian airlines to ensure the smooth delivery of your urgent cargo, and promises to provide 24 – 48 hours to complete your air transportation tasks in Asia.

We specialize in air transport services for time-sensitive industries such as semiconductors, electronics, aviation, medical and fashion.

Service advantages:

Stable and on time service: The on-time rate of high-tech industry transportation exceeds 98% on average throughout the year

Smart tracking anytime, anywhere: You can easily track the status of goods through your waybill number.

International&China demestic express service

International&China demestic express service

International: For the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany and other countries with strong market demand for the fullchain upgrade solution, it is expected to be within 7-10 natural days, some parts of the package can be delivered to overseas consumers as soon as 5 days, ticket by ticket collection, to provide high-quality cross-border trunk lines, and to provide fullchain protection for high value goods.

Domestic: to provide you with "affordable prices, rich services and wide, worry-free delivery security, multi-channel convenient order" standard express services.

Cross board trucking for EU

Cross board trucking for EU

Focusing on the international road transport company from China to Central Asia, we have accumulated years of experience in road transport in Central Asia. At the beginning of China's accession to IRU(International Road Transport Union), we quickly reached a strategic cooperative relationship with many big international road transport group companies to jointly explore the market and make road transport in Central Asia a new channel in a generation. We have set up branches or cooperative offices in China, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries and regions along the route.

Container Service

Container Service

PRIME offers a wide range of modern containers, including dry cargo containers, temperature-controlled refrigerated containers and special purpose containers. Our team can advise you on the right shipping container so you can ship your cargo safely and efficiently.

We recommend following the instructions of the International Container Safety Convention (CSC) when loading and taking into account the weight limits of the various countries. The International Container Safety Convention (CSC) is a container license indicating that whoever owns it gets the maximum weight and cubic capacity allowed.

Major market covered agent network all over the world.
Air/Sea/Rail/Truck/Express product covered for all international transport need.
Well experienced operation team providing service in current complex market environment.

We have strong and successful experience to help our customer:

- improve supply chain management,

- save costs,

- improve logistic effeciency,

- enhance company competitiveness.